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1. Everything must go under a lj-cut.
2. When applying put "do i have sexy radiance?" in the subject line.
3. In the lj-cut put application.
4. If rejected you may reapply whenever with new pictures.
5. Respect the mods and the members.
6. Last but not least--- JUST BE YOURSELF! =)

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1. Be honest in voting and dont judge only on appearance.
2. Respect your mods and co-mods dont start drama for further questions drop me a comment.
3. When voting put either: yes, no, sway me, weak no, weak yes and give a reason why you voted the way you did.
4. In the subject line always put...stamped//what it is//points its worth.
5. Let one of the mods know if you will be unactive for a period of time.
6. You may promote in here just promote us in return please!
7. Mods only can stamp a new applicant and make final decisions.


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We will be having superlatives, contests, and tons of fun things.
I will hopefully have a "fun stuff" page where you can go and check out everything we have going on.

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Please be active and try to get as many points as possible!!!
1.text entry - 5 points.
2.picture entry - 10 points plus 5 points per picture.
3.participating in a challenge -5 points for voting 20 points for starting one and the winner gets either half of the losers points or 1 auto/reject on a member.choose one.
4. 5 points for each promotion link

People With Points
1.pinkpolkadotox = 210
2.becca_beth03 = 15

.contests COMING SOON!
.first 15 members will be auto accepted.</fton>

Yes you can challenge members post 5 pictures of them and 5 pictures of you in the subject line put
stamped//challenge//your username vs their username.
--5 points for partcipating
--20 for the starter
--=Winner gets either half the losers points or 1 auto/reject for a new applicant.choose one.
also put why you are challenging the member...remember these are just for fun so no drama or hard feelings.

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Members Page

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Credit for userinfo set: diamond_studded