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Do I have sexy radiance?

3.location: Georgia
4.single or taken [pics is possible]: Single.. it's confusing though lol. I just broke up with Nathan, so at the moment we both haven't let go haha. I'll post pictures of him anyways :P He's still an awesome friend of mine.
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5.where did you hear about this community from: From the promotion banner in sweetsexy_thang :)

FAVORITES Bruce Almighty, The Notebook, A walk to remember, Kill Bill 1&2, Bambi, A Christmas story, Steel Magnolias, Walk the Line, Harry Potter movies, any scary movie, The Fox and the Hound :P show: That's SO Raven, According to Jim, Everybody loves Raymond, My wife and kids, The Facts of Life (miss that show!) The Cosby Show, Lizzie McGuire haha Dukes of Hazzard

3.soda: COCA-COLA.. completely addicted! Cream soda is amazing, and orange. Dr. Pepper.. Anything chicken! Ham, dressing, snack foods, sweets- Reeses :) Biscuits and Gravy.. ahhh I'm hungry now Harrison Ford, Freddie Prinze Jr. AHHH HE'S SO HOTT!! Jim Carry

6.actress:Uma Thurman, because she was awesome in Kill Bill. Lisa Kudrow, because I've been told I look like her. Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore (she's just awesome, because in EVERY movie she's in she looks completely different. It just shows she really knows how to change herself to fit into someone elses shoes.)

7.animals: Rabbits, Kitties, little puppies, turtles.. anything but a snack or lizard bleh!

8.gum: Trident splash! It's like vanilla on the outside, but when you bite into it peppermint burts into your mouth.. it's so good! and Orbit

DISLIKES Dream catcher, ahhh there was this war movie that I watched with a bunch of friends on a double date.. Lord of Wars? Or something like that.. I HATED that movie! show: Adult Swim, soap operas, I can't think of the names of some of them, because I don't watch them.. so I don't know the name lol TOMATOES! Lettuce, mustard, plain carrots (I like them w/ Ranch Dressing) other peoples spaghetti.. I can only eat my moms :S Coconut shrimp bleh! Ohhhh those twins that are on the Suit Life of Zack and Cody.. idk they're last name, but they're pretty awful!

5.actress:Ashlee Simpson lol.. I like some of her songs, but her acting abilities are AWFUL!

6.animal: snakes and lizards AND SPIDERS!!

why should we accept you into this community? 'Cause I'm pretty active, I'm nice, laid back, wont start any drama.. and I'll promote to help get this community going!

pick 3 you feel strongly about--- marriage- Even though this is one of those opinions that usually makes you or breaks you lol, it's not one I like to talk about when applying to a community. It always seems to me that everyone gets so huffy when the judgers opinion isn't shown in the person applyings answer.. Gay Marriage isn't something that I few as right.. I've been brought up that way, and even though it's not something that I see as right.. I wouldn't hold it against anyone who was gay. It's what they decided on, and who am I to judge? I just know that I wouldn't want to be gay or lesbian haha whatever :P

2.homeless people
3.pre-marital sex- I've always grown up being taught that it's not only wrong to have sex before you're married, but it's not very smart either! You may think that at the time that the person you're with is someone you can see yourself with for forever, but MOST of the time that doesn't always happen. Then how would you feel after a break up? I know I'd feel pretty awkward, and I've always wanted to save myself for my husband, and I'd like to think that he'd do the same for me.

4.abortion- Once again I've been taught that if you took on the responsibility to have sex, then you should finish what you start, basically. Even though you may be scared to death, and not have enough money to support a baby.. it was your choice to begin with, and you should take responsibility for the baby you brought into this world.
5.animal rights-

what would you change about this community? Honestly, nothing lol More members, but that will come with time :P

post a salute for this community
I'll make one later!

post 5-10 pictures of yourself make sure we can see your face.
and tell us which one you would like for the members page.=) good luck
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Me and Britt at prom last year
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Nae, Me (pink and white dress), Mike, Britt, Alicia and Jonathan
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*Member page pic.. I guess* ^
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I can be a nut :P
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Aww me and my kitty Zachius!
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I wanna add that I'm not anorexic or anything like that! I've been skinny since I was born! I just can't gain weight, and it looks worse because I'm so tall. Just wanted to point out that it's nothing I can help :P

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haha i luff you
your so auto accepted♥
sorry i dont have banners yet---
Yay! No problem ;)

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